Reinventing the local business directory model in London

Go Get It came to life with a vision: allowing people to connect with local businesses, while in turn, offering these businesses a better way to market their products and services to people in their areas.

The idea is simple. Go Get It is set up as a local business directory, with a particularly innovative concept. Instead of just being able to showcase their products and services through regular listings, businesses can actually upload engaging video content, which they can use to introduce their offerings to the audiences.
Videos are immediate, fun and easy to relate to: they have the power to present any product or service with accuracy and charisma, allowing business owners to give a personal touch to their presentations.

In addition to being listed and available through “Go Get It”, businesses will also benefit from enhanced visibility through platforms such as Google or Youtube.
People living in the area where a business listed is present, will be able to find and access content easily and seamlessly. People looking for services in their area will be able to harness Go Get It and the full potential of what the service offers by simply using a custom command via google.
Let’s say you need a carpenter in your town: all you need to do is to simply type in “gogetit# carpenter”, followed by your post code.
Within seconds, you will find many remarkable options get more info in your area!

Go Get It stands out as a clever solution to list businesses on a local level, reaching out more people, while helping businesses and mom&pop shops save money in ads and promotion.

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